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This site provides users with the information about computer repair tips, pc tips, tricks, tweaks, guide, help, and more.

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Computer Basics

1. What is front side bus?
2. standby vs hibernation
3. What is computer cooling system?
4. AC adapter tips
5. what is intranet?
6. what is extranet?
7. How to copy text from secured pdf file?
8. What is the difference between domain and workgroup?
9. What is proxy server and how proxy server works?
10. What is ssl and how ssl works?
11. What is ftp and how ftp works?

Computer Operating System

1. lock computer instantly
2. How to boot computer from usb drive?
3. How to disable error reporting message box?
4. How to speed up hard disk?
5. How to improve cmd windows and more cmd tips
6. How to disable Windows balloon tips?
7. How to use Windows quick launch toolbar?
8. How to show hidden devices?
9. How to manage windows drive letter?


1. speed up dial-up connection
2. What is ad-hoc wireless network and how to set it up?
3. How to speed up Google Chrome web browser?
4. How to speed up Mozilla firefox web browser?


1. How to stop email spam?
2. How to prevent virus, adware, spyware, and malware? Tips and tricks
3. Why got "another user logged into your computer" when shutting down?
4. What is phishing and how to prevent phishing?

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