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domain vs workgroup

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Windows has two modes of operation: Workgroup and Domain. Domains and workgroups represent different methods for organizing computers in networks. The main difference between them is how the computers and other resources on the networks are managed. Depending on the environment that your computer is in, computers running Windows on a network must be part of a workgroup or a domain. The Workgroup is for most home and small business environments and the domain mode is used by most mid-to-large businesses.

A Domain is a specific name given to a LAN that includes one or more Domain Controllers or Servers, whereas in a Workgroup, a loosely connected group of computers, and also called peer-to-peer network does not have dedicated server(s) to track users and it is all done through each client machine on the LAN and provide centralized management and security, which includes shared objects and user logons. The following are the advantage and disadvantage of Domain and Workgroup.

The advantages of Domain

1. One location for all user accounts, groups, and computers. Passwords are the same for all computers.
2. Easier and quicker to maintain.
3. Easy to add more users and computers.
4. Secured resource because not every computers in the network can access the same resource.
5. A user can log on at any workstation and regardless of where they log on.

The disadvantages of Domain

1. Requires a windows server so the cost is high.
2. Not easy to set it up.

The advantages of Workgroup

1. Very easy to setup because it is a small network.
2. Not rely on each other.
3. No server required so the cost is low.

The disadvantages of Workgroup

1. Required to setup account and password on each and every machine.
2. More time needed to setup for new users.
3. Resource can be accessed by all computers within the network - lack of security.
4. May reach the 10 max simultaneous connections limit for file sharing.

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