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This site provides users with the information about website design, web design tips, tricks, how to design website, guide, and more.

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There are two ways that you can design your website. One is to use paid web design services and the other is to use free way to design your website, that is, do it yourself. It won't be difficult. You can find lots of tutorials over the internet. The following are some important tips and guide.

1. subdomain host
2. how to add flash to website
3. css tutorial
4. How to use .js file?
5. How to open a new window in iframe?
6. How to create html popup windows?
7. How to create html message box?
8. How to redirect html file?
9. xml tutorial
10. How to send email with HTML form?
11. HTML frame tutorial
12. internet html error code and their meaning
13. How to remove html link underline?
14. How to change or remove web page margin?
15. How to highlight link and text?
16. How to make web page no right click?
17. How to disable web page copy and paste?
18. How to make web page background image not moving?
19. How to add html table background image?
20. How to add html table background color?
21. How to add color to html text box?
22. How to create web page scroll box?
23. How to add html code to web page?
24. How to adjust image space?
25. How to open new page when leave?
26. How to create html gradient background effect?
27. How to change table background color on mouse over?
28. How to open picture in new window?
29. How to create tooltips for text link?
30. How to add spacing between letters?
31. How to set textarea background color and image?
32. How to set pulldown menu background color?
33. How to move website to another hosting server tips and guide?
34. How to use html internal link?
35. How to target / open link in iframe?
36. How to delete html text box default text when clicking on it?
37. How to make html text box cursor flash when page loaded?
38. How to add and stop web page background music?
39. How to highlight all text when click on it?
40. How to limit text field, text box, textarea characters?
41. How to limit text field, text box, textarea words?
42. How to validate email form?
43. How to put web contents, text, image, ad code at any position in webpage?
44. How to make webpage load faster?
45. Website hosting tips, secrets, tricks, guide

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