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what is extranet

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what is extranet?

An extranet which is different from an intranet, is a computer network that allows the people from outside the organization to access the company's information, but it should be under controlled access. The purpose of using the extranet is ususally for business or education. It is becoming a very popular means for business partners to exchange information.

We can also consider an extranet as an extension of a company's intranet that is extended to users outside the company, usually partners, vendors, and suppliers. An extranet is like a DMZ, demilitarized zone in that it provides access to needed services for channel partners, without granting access to an organization's entire network.

An extranet requires measures to ensure security and privacy of the company's information, that is, it should include firewall server management, use of digital certificates, or similar means of user authentication, encryption of messages, and the use of VPN, virtual private network, that goes through the public network. In other words, areas of the extranet will be available according to password credentials. This limits users to extranet pages relevant to the business of their own, while keeping other areas of the extranet private and secure.

The extranet has the following disadvantages:

1. It is expensive to establish and maintain.

2. It is more difficult to protect the important information.

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