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This site provides users with the information about programming tips, code, tricks, how to program guide, and more.

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Visual Basic programming

1. vb: how to read file?
2. vb: how to call command button without click it?
3. vb: how to get input box value?
4. vb: how to read and write array?
5. vb: how to read and write clipboard?
6. vb: how to use undo?
7. vb: how to compile project without opening it?
8. vb: how to add picture to richtextbox?
9. vb: how to delete / remove listbox item?
10. vb: how to check file existence?
11. vb: how to add double quotes in a string?
12. vb: how to replace listbox item?
13. vb: how to search listbox item?
14. vb: how to reverse a string?
15. vb: how to use left, right, mid, trim in a string?
16. vb: how to replace, remove, delete character in a string?
17. vb: how to find character position in string Using Instr, InstrRev?
18. vb: how to change system date and system time?
19. vb: how to read and write excel file?
20. vb: how to open, read, write, update, search database?
21. vb: how to check directory, folder exist, create folder, copy file?
22. vb: how to make transparent form?
23. vb: how to connect internet to open website?
24. vb: how to delete folder, remove directory?
25. vb: how to search, list files in folder with subfolder?
26. vb: how to calculate age?
27. vb: how to kill / termiate a running process / program?
28. vb: how to get, save registry data?
29. vb: how to rename a file?
30. vb: how to read webpage content / source code?
31. vb: how to auto resize, expand, stretch controls?
32. vb: how to create splash screen?
33. vb: how to use sendkeys?
34. vb: how to read outlook email?
35. vb: how to create popup, right click menu?
36. vb: how to create irregular form, custom shaped form?
37. vb: how to move cursor and click?
38. vb: how to use treeview and its child node?
39. vb: how to use common dialog control?
40. vb: how to use do, for, while loop and exit loop?
41. vb: how to use message box, yes, no msgbox?
42. vb: how to create progress bar?
43. vb: how to speak out text - text to speech?
44. vb: How to fix webbrowser control internet explorer run-time script error?

ASP programming

1. asp: how to read, write, delete cookie?
2. asp: how to read, write database / db, delete db record?
3. asp: how to read, write file?
4. asp: how to get ip address?
5. asp: how to pass data, variable, information between pages?
6. asp: how to create asp function?
7. asp: how to create create a random number?

PHP programming

1. php: how to set cookie and get cookie?
2. php: how to read database and write db?
3. php: how to create database table?
4. php: how to show random text link?
5. php: how to read, write, append file?

Java programming

1. java: how to read, write, file?
2. java: how to read, write array?

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