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boot from usb drive

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Netbook is good for its light and being easy to carry. Also it is very cheap. But maybe there is a time when your netbook gets virus and you cannot get it started, you will face the difficulty in re-installing the operating system because it does not have cd / dvd drive for you to boot your computer and re-install the OS. The good news is that there is one way that you can fix this problem. You can boot your netbook from usb drive. But this remedy is not for all netbooks. You need to check if your netbook allows you to boot from the usb drive by using the following instructions:

1. Re-boot your netbook.

2. Go to BIOS settings by keeping on pressing the special key, ususlly F2 or Del.

3. Go to the Boot section of the BIOS and check in the list of hard drives and removable drives to see if your USB drive is listed. If it is, then you need to modify the boot sequence so that your USB drive comes before the hard drive. But if it is not listed, that means that your motherboard does not support USB booting.

4. Save the change and exit the BIOS.

5. Copy the Operating System image, the .iso, to your usb drive.

6. Insert your usb drive into usb port and re-boot your netbook.

7. Re-install your operating system.

You can also use this method for other desktop computers or laptops if their cd / dvd drive are broken.

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