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This site provides users with the information about laptop ac adapter, how to replace notebook ac adapter, maintain netboobk ac adapter, tips, trick, and more.

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AC adapter is an important part of your Laptop, notebook, or netbook computer. It has two main functions: supply the power and recharge your battery. Many causes like excessive wire bending, exposure to extreme temperatures, and plug in and out too often will shorten the life span of the AC adapter, that is, the lifespan of ac adapter is dependant on how much they are used and how careful you do to the AC adapter. The following are some tips for maintaining the AC adapter:

Tips for maintaining the AC adapter

Laptop AC adapter is an essential element of your machine. The most common problem is the connector, one of the most fragile parts of your laptop. The repetition of these plug in will damage the female connector of the motherboard, which will be more expensive to repair. Try your best to reduce the number of time of your plug-in.

Another tip is to avoid the AC adapter to be used under the extreme temperatures.

How to replace AC adapter

If you find that your adapter is no longer working, there are two options for replacing it. The first option is to buy the original or a compatible adapter. The second option is to buy a universal one.

To replace a laptop's adapter, you need to check its specifications to determine the power requirements and also check the size of DC plug of the laptop computers. Many universal AC adapters come with interchangeable plugs to prevent this problem.

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