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Choosing a better website hosting company is very important for your online business. For most webmasters, they usually neglect some important factors which is directly related to their web traffic, that is, their online business. In the following, we will reveal some secrets for selecting a better website hosting provider -- our many years of experiences!

1. Read reviews.

Reading web hosting provider reviews is the first thing you should do. From there, you can find lots of information about the web hosting company of your candidates.

2. Check out the features of the web hosting provider.

The important features to check out are webspace, bandwidth, number of subdomain, email service, programming languages, and database. Please note that for some web hosting companies, they do not have free email services for free hosting package.

3. Check out the page loading speed and the uptime of the web hosting provider.

Before registration, you can go to their website to check out the page loading time several times, at the different time period. After registration, you can use your ftp software to check out if the uploading is fast. This is the very important factor for quality web hosting.

4. Check out their custom services.

You can call them at 1 - 2 a.m. because they should have 24 hours customer service or email them and see how long you can get response from them.

5. Check out web hosting reliability and protect your valuable traffic.

If you are doing the online business, it is very important for you to make web hosting reliability check. There are two main things that you need to check out. One is the web traffic interception and the other is the web traffic filter.

1) Traffic interception

For traffic interception, most of the webmasters never notice it. Some of the webmasters are very happy that they find a free web hosting with no banner insertion, unlimited bandwidth or lots of bandwidth, and lots of web space, but they never think of how much web traffic they lose if they choose a "unreliable" hosting provider. The following is what we found how your web traffic will be lost:

a. "Disable" your page for showing and make "Page not found" and then when visitors go to your page, they will be redirected to an advertisement page. The interesting thing is that at the time of the page redirection, your page can still be found on the web server and can also be downloaded.

b. Insert code at the end of your page or use other methods to redirect your traffic directly to their ad page, even before your page shown. For example, when your visitor click the link from a search engine after he makes a search with a keyword, he will see their ad page right away instead of your page. As a result, the search keyword does not match with the contents of the page shown or the contents supposed to be in the search engine database.

c. Replace the contents of your page with their ad contents.

Because of the above, over time (several months), your web traffic will be dropped greatly because the search engines lowered your website ranking after they repeatedly found "Page not found" and search query does not match with the web contents.

It is not easy for you to find out something happened like the above, but there are two techniques that you can use to give you some clues of a possible unreliable web hosting provider as follows:

a. You can enter a non-existing file to see if it will land on an ad page. You need to try it several times and at the different time period because they do it randomly. For some web hosting providers, you need to wait for some times after you see the 404 page from that hosting provider because they will redirect again to an ad page after serveral seconds.

b. After your page displayed over the internet, use View Source to open the source code of your page to see if any additional code from your web hosting provider is added to your page code.

If the above is confirmed, stop using their service as soon as possible before the big loss of your valuable traffic. This applies to both free and paid website hosting.

2) Traffic filter

For web traffic filter, some web hosting providers will filter the web traffic, that is, they will block the whole ips from the centain countries because of a few virus attacks from there. We think that blocking ips including good ones is not a good way to prevent virus attacks. It only drives their customers away.

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