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Website Promotion Basics

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This site provides users with the information about website promotion basics, web promotion basics, how to promote website tricks, and more.

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What is the website promotion?

Website promotion is what you do to get more web traffic, that is, to bring more visitors to the website. The main techniques used are webpage content development, search engine optimization, SEO, and submit website. By doing these techniques properly, you can get more web traffic without spending money.

Web page content development

The content of your web page is very important in website promotion. Most search engines rank the websites based on the contents of the web pages. You should write the quality contents of the web page and should be KEYWORDS-oriented. In writing the contents, you should also know that your contents should be unique. Do not "Copy" and "Paste" because search engines have very intelligent "duplicate content" filters. The following are several guidelines:

1. Your web page text should have a logical flow.
2. Keep your pages customer-oriented.
3. Keep one topic per page if possible.
4. For your opening paragraph, state your main theme first.
5. For your middle contents, highlight the benefits to your visitor.
6. Then you should review or summarize your article.
7. Finally, you make your closing statement.

Search engine optimization, SEO

Search engine optimization, SEO, is the way that you write your web page contents to improve the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines without spending money. The following are some tips:

1. Content

You should write quality web page contents. The above is the good reference for you.

2. Incoming Links

Incoming link is the link from other website, which points to your page. The more you can get, the higher the page ranking in the search engines it will be. You can use Link Exchange method to gain more incoming links. You should know that the incoming links should come from quality website, that is, it has high web ranking.

3. Web site title

It is extremely important that you have the right web site titles for your pages. The keywords should be included in page title.

4. Heading tags

For high page raning, there should be only one or two H1 tags per a page.

5. Internal linking

Internal linking will help robots or visitors to find the content on your site is huge. Make sure that there is no broken links.

6. Keyword density

Ensuring that you have the right keyword density for your page and not go overboard. Too many keywords will lower your page ranking.

7. Sitemaps

Create sitemaps to give search engines a helping hand to find the content that is on your site. For google, use sitemap.xml and for Yahoo or Bing, use sitemap.html.

8. Meta Tags

For Yahoo and Bing, the Meta Tags are very important. But for Google, it pays less attention to it recently. Google focuses the quality contents.

9. Domain

To get your own domain is important in page ranking. You should know that one very important factor that is coming to light is that domain age is important. The older the site or domain, the better the page ranking will be.

Website submission

You need to submit your website to as many search engines, web directories, blogs, and social networking websites as possible. For more details, please Go to our other section, Website submission

One very important tip for submitting your website is to use link exchange method. One thing you should keep in your mind is to exchange the links with high web ranking, at least higher than your website. This is the fastest way to get your web ranking promoted and let your website appear over the major search engines within the short period of time.

If you add the link with lower web ranking than yours or no web ranking from google or alex, your website ranking will be ruined.

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