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how to take a screen picture?

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How to take a screen picture?

Sometimes you need to capture an image of whatever is on your screen. There are lots of software designed to do so. Here we are going to tell you the simple way to do it. It is absolutely Free. The following are the steps to take.

1. Go to the page or screen that you want to capture.

2. Press "alt" and "prt scr" keys at the same time to take a screenshot.

3. Open "Paint" program in Windows or some other similar programs.

4. Paste it to that program and you will see the picture that you just take.

5. Then you can edit it and save it.


To save it as .jpg or .gif, not .bmp, you make the size of the picture very small and when it is used in your webpage, the page will be loaded much faster.

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