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As a website designer, you should know more designing tips and tricks. How to remove hyerlink underline is something that you should know because some people like the different styles of their website designed. The other reason that people want to have a link underline removed, it may be that they want a link in their page, but they do not want people to click it for the purpose of SEO.

To remove a link underline is quite simple. You just need to add the following code

style="text-decoration: none"

to your <a> link code. The following is an example.

<A href="" style="text-decoration: none"></A>

For the underline of all the links used in your web page to be removed, you can add CSS to the header as follows:

<style type="text/css">

text-decoration: none;

Please note that although the above example help you remove the underline within a hyperlink and make the web page unique, you should use this code with caution to ensure that you do not confuse your visitors.

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