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To make the web page no right click or disable web page right click is very important. It can prevent surfers from viewing your html source code and copy it without asking your permission.

The following are two methods that you can use to do this trick.

1. For the simple way, you just need to add the following code into your web page's <body>

oncontextmenu="return false;"

The following is an example:

<body oncontextmenu="return false;">

You can also disable the right click for specific control. The following is the code for you.

   <tr oncontextmenu="return false">
     <asp:datagrid id="seo_data">---</asp:datagrid>

2. Use javascript, which is a bit complicited.

<script language="javascript">
msg="Thanks for your visiting";
Function disableclick(e)
     return false;	
Note: It is better to show "Thanks for your visiting" in the message box popped up instead of the message "You are not allowed to ..."

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