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What is AdSense?

Google AdSense is a free program for webmasters of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. AdSense also lets you provide Google search to your website users, while earning money by showing Google ads on the search results pages. Every time a visitor clicks on one of the Google Ads, you share in the revenue Google earned for that click. Google will not disclose the percentage that is shared

How to earn more from Adsense?

The adsense tips provided in the following will definitely increase your adsense earnings.

1. Strictly follow the rules mentioned in Adsense policies.

2. You should make your adsense ad look like the content of your web page. To do this is to make the colors of your adsense ad the same background color as your page content. The reason for that is that most of us just hate ads - they do not click them, no matter whether it is good or not. You need also to make the link color of your adsense ads the same as the link color of your website links.

3. Blend the border color of your ads with the background color of your web page otherwise it will still look like an ads.

4. Choose text ads over image ads because people are so "banner blind" now that they will skim right over your AdSense ads. So it is better to avoid using image ads.

5. Place your Google AdSense ads near your content. As people are reading your content, they will have a look at what is nearby.

6. If you have a lot of text on a page, use multiple AdSense units. You can use up to three AdSense units, two AdSense search boxes, and three link units on one page.

7. What not to do?

1) Don't click on your own adsense ads
3) Don't change AdSense code
4) Don't place Google ads on sites with prohibited content
5) Do not include incentives of any kind on your site for users to click on your ads, that is, do not label Google ads with text other than "sponsored links" or "advertisements."
6) Do not place ads in pop-up windows and even empty pages.
7) Do not places images next to Google ads as that will invite a ban to your AdSense account.

8. Use AdSense channels

You can add channels to the ads and track their performance. For example: add the channel home page to the ad unit on your home page. This way you can experiment with different types of ads and see which is performing the best.

9. Have relevant keywords on your site! If your site is about "web site traffic" and you just keep mentioning the word "traffic" by itself, your Google AdSense ads may display ads for "rush hour traffic", or "traffic jams", which has nothing to do with your website.

10. Block low paying ads with Filters by using Google Adwords Keywords tool to discover keywords that are less popular with advertisers. You can also register an account at FREE. From there, you find many low paying ad within your field so that you can block them.

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